How to Improve App Visibility and Ranks of your Mobile App and Boost Organic Downloads

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We know it’s really a sea of apps in the app store, hundreds of similar apps being added every day. If an app needs to be discovered it has to achieve well in optimizing the app listing for relevant keyword coverage to convert viewers to users. Optimizing the creative elements such as app’s icon, preview video, description and screenshots play a major role in attracting users to download your app. Yet there is another element to your app’s visibility that is not in your hands which are app ratings and reviews.

Let us learn a few things about App Store Optimization:

App store optimization is the process of optimizing a game or an application in order to increase the visibility in the app stores so as to reach a higher number of audience. It is the process of creating content, such as App Title, Description, Screenshots, Promo Videos which helps you get more organic downloads. By creating content for App Stores when you buy app reviews, your chances of ranking higher in organic search increases against “keywords” that your potential customers use while performing a search in the app store.

Things to focus while performing App Store Optimization:

#1 Focus App Name / title

Pick a great app title, it is one of the first things that users see when they find your app. Choosing the right name for your app is very important. Select a name that is identifying your app and expresses its purpose. Your app name will be your brand name in the long run, it should be quite catchy and simple. You should create a right app title, with the app name and also with 2 or 3 of your most important keywords. These keywords will also help in giving users a basic understanding of what your app is and also to boost your rankings. App stores give most weight to the keywords included in the title, so make the most of it.

#2 Focus On Search

Keywords are the most critical part of your Search strategy, and you should begin taking a shot at them even before the day you launch your product. Perform keyword research, and get the same number of keywords and combinations that are related to your app and imply a download goal. Likewise, do statistical research to contemplate competition in search.

#3 Build a Creative Icon

Get creative! This is your opportunity to outrank your competitors. Make your Icon distinct and clear for the users to grasp what your app or game is about, look at what your opponents are doing, and make an icon which is striking and unique. Work on your style and stick to it, keeping it through updates. Make a distinct image for your application.

#4 Complete A/B test

Before implementing a change in the app page elements, test them using an A/B testing tool. Make sure that you don’t introduce the changes all at once, test each and every element separately and test them one by one, so you can know and track which element benefits from the change.

#5 Localization of App Store listing

Localize your app store listing in order to expand your user base. When you are localizing your app for a different country, you are getting in touch with different culture, with different search and practices.

#6 Screenshots and Previews Videos

Google play store and Apple app store are now allowing app publishers to add screenshots and preview videos in your app store listing. You should think of your screenshots as a banner advertisement. These are the strongest visual factors that draw attention to your app.

#7 Reviews and Ratings

Following all the above factors, the next thing your app visitors check is the opinion of existing users and these are reviews and ratings which serves as social proof. Therefore, the quality and number matter for acquiring new users. You can use various ASO optimization tools where you can buy app reviews and have users rate and review your app positively. These reviews also serve as advertising factor to attract new users in the beginning.

Last but not least, monitor your competition and never stop optimizing. ASO isn’t about one-time improvement. A portion of your competitor’s activities can roll out a major improvement in the market, so never stop monitoring and make sure to react timely on these changes.