App Store Optimization: Ways to Improve Your App’s Visibility


With the huge increase in the use of smartphones, app developers are into developing new apps. At this point, developing an app is easy, we know that just developing an app will not attract people to download your app. You have to first work on gaining visibility. To get visibility for your app, you have to use the tricks of ASO or App Store Optimization. Like SEO, app stores use a similar kind of process. App stores maintain some kind of algorithm in order to maintain the ranking of the app. In this way, concentrating on areas where you can get you can get good ranking and subsequently can get you good visibility in the app stores.

Here are a few methods to follow to improve the visibility using ASO:

Researching keywords

Like SEO, even ASO has keywords as the primary factor of visibility. You have to research on keywords thoroughly so you can have a decent name searched for the application. A good mobile app marketing expert can help you in getting the correct keywords for your app. There are a few app marketing companies in India which can come in handy to help you find proper keywords. Some of the tricks that the app store optimization services use for keyword search are:

The keyword should be easy in terms of search.
The name of the app should be relevant to the functions of the app.
It depends on the number of searches.

Improving Description

After keyword, the most important factors for visibility claimed by application store SEO services is the app description. It is said that the application description increases the value of the application so it can pick up a high amount of visibility. For making the description such solid, you have to include the potential keywords in the description. Likewise, the description ought to contain details of the services that the user will appreciate on installing the app on their smartphones.

Title of the App

The app title is an essential part of the metadata. An app that has a title of 25 characters and is appealing gets a great deal of visibility according to the App Store Optimization. Now again for various app stores, there are different character limits. For instance, on the off chance that you are making an app in iOS, at that point you can have a title with a limit of 255 characters, whereas, in Google Play Store, a title of around 30 characters can be used.

App Icon

The app icon is also an important factor in determining the visibility of your app. It affects the conversion rate of your app and the rating and reviews of the app. The icon must be catchy and creative enough to leave a great impression in the user’s mind, make sure you have the best icon sorted out which will stay as a permanent logo of your app.


This feature can make your app increasingly appealing and interesting. Labeling and describing parts of the application as screenshots is a good practice. It is important to give the users some thought regarding the application they will download by uploading screen-shots of your application.

Promo Videos

This is the most interactive approach to introduce your app to the audience. Making a video and displaying the details and working of your app can enable you to get more downloads. In Google Play, you can upload a video of your application through YouTube and Apple enables you to upload the video straightforwardly to iTunes Connect.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings are absolutely the impressions of the user experience. Higher the rating more will be positive reviews. This can increase the nature of the app in the store. Developers ought to encourage their clients to give reviews and try to solve negative issues as quickly as time permits.

App store optimization has been the best app marketing strategy that is being practiced by many of the developers, it is non-stop processed and you must keep optimizing by making as many as experiments on your app listing in order to increase the visibility of an app. Take help from experts to optimize your app, you can find a lot of ASO companies in India which will provide you with the right set of tools in order to increase the visibility of an app and thereby increasing the number of downloads.